Swiss Cheese Melts Fingerless fingers free gloves or mittens knit pattern. Wonderful to wear year round.

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This listing is for a knitting pattern and not the actual gloves in the images. Convo me on the gloves if that is what you were after. I do consider orders.

SO, why not knit your own? These are way fun to create and wear. Perfect for a chilled but not cold day. The holes add some air but the coverage is still there. Wear them one way and then flip them around and don them the opposite way. They are cute worn upside down too! Use up some odds and ends yarn which is always a plus+! The main yarn took me about 62 yards/56 meters which is less than a full ball. The other yarns are leftovers I used up. If you elect to make em solid one ball will do it.

One-size will fit all teens and adults.

For this pattern you will need: worsted weight yarn - that's knitting 4 stitches and 6 rows to an inch. The guage on these is totally forgiving as you may want them more firm than me. I used #7 needles to get that. You will also need a pair of buttons, a tapestry needle and a crochet hook.

This is an intermediate+ level of knitting. I assume the creator knows how to knit and purl, cast on, bind off, pick up stitches and understands what a slip stitch is. I used to teach knitting and will be happy to assist if there is question.

The pattern is in .pdf format and should arrive to you within 24 hours of purchase. It's usually instantly but give a day if not.

Now for the rules:
This pattern is the property of Robin and Reloved Fabrics. I don't mind if you make the pattern to sell the finished piece but ask that you give me credit if you do. THE PATTERN ITSELF MUST NOT BE DUPLICATED OR USED IN PART FOR PUBLICATION OR SALE. The file itself is not to be shared or sold in any form - printed, copied or digitally.

I invite you to send me images of your creations from these ( if you like) - I'll give YOU credit and perhaps tell a story with your permission of course. <:)

The file is 616KB