Green and brown wool pullover felted sweater jumper in recycled fabrics - Small. Measurements below. Free Shipping.


This recycled pullover sweater is made from upcycled sweaters and the bits I have from previous projects. I try hard to not throw anything out. All the splashes on the body of piece are needle felted in. Lots of details in this. The bottom hem is also a repurposed sweater piece.

The colors are green and brown with lots of flecks felted in.

The piece will fit a small. It depends how you like your clothes to fit...doesn't it?

Check the measurements which I took with the piece laying flat. If you are in question take a garment of your own; lay it flat and take these same measurements to see if it will work for you.

Please keep in mind this is a handmade item and it is recycled. This means it is comfy broken in but sometimes there are places that are not totally like brand new - understand??

If you get the piece and feel it is not for you then yes you can return it. Please let me know immediately that you are going to return it. It needs to be in it's exact clean same self that you received it in. ;) I'll need it back within 2 weeks to be fair too.

This is a knit so there is some stretch in it.
Measurements taken flat:

Underarm - underarm (Bust)........21" or 42" around
Underarm to wrist (or bottom of sleeve).... 19"
Underarm to hem.....22"
Hem.....22" or 44" around
Shoulder to Shoulder ....." drop

Free Shipping USA mainland