Fake Fur n Knit Fingerless Arm Warmer Gloves


Long hair luxurious faux (that's fake) fur topped arm warmers for a great mood or fun time. Ravers, festivals, parties or just fun dress! They are warm too.

These are made like my other items: FREE FORM! ~ what's that mean? I DON'T USE FORMAL PATTERNS. For any of my work -  really. Yes, they are totally one-ofs! (a very cliche thing to say on a handmade website so forgive me please).

The top of the hands are long hair fur.
Palms of the gloves are various materials including upcylced fabrics or new fabrics. All are knit and have stretch. 
The arms are hand knit (unless specified other) in soft acrylics some with vintage lurex I have had from yarn shop 20+ years ago. Some have other details like crochet flowers sewn on or crochet borders.

The top of the fingertips are wrapped in a hologram new fabric. Fabulous reflections of light and colors.
These will fit an average hand teen thru adult. There is stretch in them as they are knit.

Measurements are as follows:

1. Pink Neon: Measurements flat:
Fingertips to hem of arms: 14.25"
Fingertips to thumb opening: 2" 

2. Iced Blue:Measurements flat:
Fingertips to hem of arms: 12"
Fingertips to thumb opening: 3" 

3. Black n White:Measurements flat:
Fingertips to hem of arms: 11.75"
Fingertips to thumb opening: 2"