Up cycled Repurposed Recycled sweater texting Patchwork fingerless gloves in in black with fake fur. FREE Shipping

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This pair of repurposed sweater gloves has some wool in them. They are made of lots of textures in shades of blacks with a band of faux fur. The knits covering the thumbs are doubled for extra warmth. The part covering the fingers are lined in a cozy warm soft brushed knit. There is a differnet look that can be had depending upon which side is worn up. The patchwork in this pair extends into the fingers as well. Lots of work in this pair.

The color is black - some of the images may appear lighter to show the details of the patches.

The content on these are wool, cashmere, mohair, acrylic, cotton, angora, and poly.

I’ve been making upcycled sweater knits for over a decade selling them via craft shows.

Each pair is individually designed and completed by me.

Dry clean due to the fur.

Will fit a small to average hand. They are knit and will stretch.

Free Shipping USA mainland.