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Vegan LINED recycled repurposed upcycled sweater fRecycled sweater fingerless gloves reversible. For fun, school, texting, cashiers, elderly, wrists, fingers free.ingerless, texting, gloves.

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Vegan = non-allergenic.

These are perfect for any fingerless glove use. Included in this are cashiers, teachers, the elderly, computer techs, secretaries, teens, the fashion conscious...anyone. This pair have thumb guards which simply mean the thumbs are covered. This piece of the glove is made from recycled sweater bits. The red fabric is new and behind it (inside the gloves) is a soft warm fleece knit.

I have been selling these for years at fine art festivals and retail boutiques.

Please email for a special request too.

Fit an average hand. Knit = stretch. 

 acrylic, cotton.