Birch bark with hand knit and cashmere felt accents shoulder clutch hand bag purse.

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This multi color handbags for women features a multi color and is the most unique accessory in your wardrobe!

Eclectic mixture of techniques and materials in this peach colored birch bark handbag.
I love the outdoors and my garden. I'm always fascinated with the beauty of all that grows naturally. Being able to add a piece of nature into my crafts work brings a new dimension to fiber. The contrast between all the organics of yarn and bark feels correct.
This handbag started with two pieces of birch bark that I mount via a cement shoe glue onto a backing that shoes are made from. Once dried, I paint the bark and seal it. Within my stash I found a lovely pink yarn called Zia. Zia was manufactured in Italy in the 80's. Content: rayon and cotton. I also found within my yarns another thin yarn that has a slub in it. Content: linen. Zia and linen are knitted in a textural pattern to play with the lines (rings around the tree) in the bark's pattern.
Next I nuno felted over a net with soft camel and silk fibers making the felted pieces at the top portion of the handbag.
The pulls and strap are in an embroidery technique I developed. Strong and sturdy!
Inside is a beautiful designer fabric that complements the outside.
The handbag stays shut via a magnetic button. The bottom has feet to protect the knit and lend support to the piece.
Very light in weight too.
6" by 10"
Strap is 16.5" from top of bag to shoulder - can be altered.