This black handbags for women features a multi color and is the most unique accessory in your wardrobe!

LOVE this! (I should keep it, I'm sure). It began with a hand-knit piece that featured intarsia knitting using various shades and textures of red yarn. Then I hand embroidered the details for the two faces.
The outside pocket above one of the faces is hand crochet and secures with a magnet. It's large enough to hold keys, phone or a transportation card, etc. but very sturdy as the crochet is super strong. I measured it by my iphone so it fits well.
I hunted all through my stack of fabrics until I found this wonderful rust-red burlap-y type fabric. The color and texture of this fabric feels very organic and woodsy to me which is the feeling I wanted for the owls that live in trees. Inside the bag are two zippered generous pockets from this same heavy fabric.
The sides and side details are all hand crochet. There is ALOT of yarn and time in there. (XoX!)
Closure of this bag is via a hidden spring hardware piece. This frame is wonderful. To open: just pull the bag apart by the straps or at the top. Whats even better is that just a portion of the handbag can be opened or the entire thing. Also, when open it stays open all by itself until it is pushed shut.
The straps are hand crochet too with a fabric backing so they will not stretch.
It's a super comfortable bag to wear either dangling or over the shoulder. Lightweight.
Nylon, cotton, acrylic, linen.

The measurements:
12" by 12" over all
8" top of bag to top of straps
6" wide by 4.5" long outside pocket

Shipping is offered free USA mainland.