King Tut! Hand paint and stumpwork embroidered shoulder handbag.

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This multi color handbags for women features a multi color and is the most unique accessory in your wardrobe!

Stumpwork embroidery, hand-painted and crochet hand bag named King Tut..

People ask me alot: "how long did it take you to make that?" In this project. A LONG TIME. I don't like to track my hours because it's more about the piece being finished correctly. Besides if I did then the price would be much higher. ;-)

The structure of this handbag is shoe material. It is not a solid structure meaning it can be mushed but will pop back into shape. I hand painted a piece of cotton fabric and then embroidered fibers to it for interest on the outside of the purse. Many folks hang my purses when not using on the wall or set them on shelf or mantle piece to enjoy.

Tut is made in a process known as stumpwork embroidery. Yes, Tut is 3-D.

The sides of the handbag are done in a slash work method I made up. (hand painted fabric is layered and adorned with fibers. Stitched, slashed and then agitated in finishing).

The strap is an embroidery method I created. The length of the strap can be adjusted to shoulder at 9" to 15.5".

The dimensions of the handbag are 10" by 10".

Inside it is lined with the same painted fabric.

Closes via a zipper.