Large Rainbow hand-felt and knit free formed hand stitched winter warm hat. Loads of texture and color

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This hat is part hand-felt and part hand-knit and then hand-stitched. There are lots of intricate details in the felt. I don’t discard any of my fibers in the shop. Nothing! I use bits of yarns, cuttings, threads - all of it. No waste! :) This felt is over a solid fabric and it is nuno felted which means the look is crinkled = just more texture is what this means. I love texture and subtle colors. This hat is full of color. Muted with some bursts of brightness but not overbearing. The hat measures 26" inside and will stretch with the knit but it also fits smaller heads (as pictured a small head) as the bottom can be rolled or turned up.
The knit is a bouquet of colors as well. An acrylic. Could have a few surprises in the there too. :0 The floppy bits are knit into the hat. Stripped recycled silk sari ribbon.

Every one of these hats are unique depending on what gets used and how its stitched in the end.

Wear this hat any way you like it. There is no front or back. You can roll a bit up to get a mock brim too.

The hat will accommodate many sixes heads as it will stretch. It is also generously large. It will def fit a larger head as it measures 26" inside and has knit in it which stretches. If you like your hat with a little snug roll it in the back or side.

Suggest this piece be dry cleaned.