Upcycled patchwork cozy blacks hat. Textures, patterns and shades of black n grays. Black Hat!! Free shipping USA.

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Whew! The work - the time <:) Lots of small bits are each cut and then assembled. Wool, angora, stripes, cashmere, cables, stockinette, purl, garter, boucle, mohair, cotton, acrylic, ribs, patterns - its all here in this one. The brim goes all around with a solid black fabric inside for another fashionable look. Wear the brim either flipped up in the front or to the side or leave it down worn to one side.

This hat is a conglomeration of all the bits I had around. There is a pair of gloves in managed to get made from all the bits as well in a different listing.

When I make these there is no formal pattern. I see an image in my mind and start collaging, cutting and assembling.

Knits stretch so it will fit a small to large head.

Suggest dry cleaning.

Free Mainland USA shipping.