Vegan hypo allergenic cozy soft warm free form red with black specs hat.

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This hat is made from all new fabric. The process is that I take the fabric to the sewing machine and just sew. There is no pattern to follow. Because of this I cannot control how it will come out or the actual size it will be. This means no two are alike.

When wearing this hat there is no front or back which means there are multiple looks to be had from one hat. The hat can be crushed and will not get hurt as there is no structure to it either.
Just pure fun to wear!

I have sold many many of these this past season to women, teens and elderly. They have been extremely well received. This style hat is better suited to women. It is also all vegan or hypo-allergeninc. See my other design for a unisex look.

The hat featured in this listing is deep enough to cover the ears or can be folded up to make it shorter. Content of the fabric: Acrylic and cotton.

This hat will fit an average head from 22" to 24". Measures about 24" around inside circumference.

Exchanges or returns are always easy. If you aren't happy please contact me so that we can solve that.