Hand knit soft infinity scarf shoulder wrap adornment with multiple stitch and color textures

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Making these scarves are a joy to me! I let my needles and eyes dictate how the piece goes. In other words I have no set pattern or stitches I’ll use. I don’t even have any specific yarn I’ll use at any moment.
These shawl collars can have ribbing, lace, popcorns and many other stitch variations in it.
The yarns are high end plain to novelties.
I had a yarn store until 1983. When the shop closed I kept all the yarn :)
Now, I pluck the yarn I love and enjoy it.
Wear these for warmth or as a jewelry piece.

This particular shoulder piece has a band of triangular knit bits around the top complete with small button adornments.

If you want one in custom colors - ask!