Handknit circular neck scarves in many colors and knit stitches to lend lots of textures and warmth

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Hand knit scarf neck warmers in various knit stitches and assorted yarns. 

I love to pick up a pair of needles and some yarn and start knitting in the round. These are like sample stitched patterns using lots of differnet yarns and techniques. There is no set pattern with these. I just knit what comes to me. The stitches can be ribbed, plain, purl, intarsias, fancy knit overs, laces, popcorns and any other idea I get as I'm working along. Sometime I incorporate crochet into the knitting. The yarns can be cotton chenilles, wool and man-made. Sometimes I use more than one yarn with another to create my own colors. 

These are fun to wear as well as warm for the neck. 

Wear them as a scarf or wear them as an accessory over a top. They can also be worn around the head with hair flopping out behind. 

I will knit to request as well. If you want a particular color or length then ask!