Who is Robin? What is this site?







 Robin Boutique-Boutique, Reloved Fabrics and robin.boutique is home to orginal artisan selections and creations. The site and boutique showcase wearable accessory items for women, teens and men. Heavier on the female than male side though...(sorry guys). The work is made up of hats, gloves, arm warmers, scarves, handbags, sweaters, tops, dresses, coats and an occasional surprise not in that list. Navigation is via the shop tab to collection pages for shopping and browsing. Special orders are welcome via inquiry from the contact below on this page. 


Robin BI've been pricking myself and trying to stab anyone near me as I've needled away most of my life. Why hasn't anyone invented a tachometer for knitters? I'm certain I've knitted, crochet, embroidered around the world a couple of times. Probably the universe on a sewing machine! What is it with me and fiber? True love and crazy-can't-stop-the-madness I'm sure.With all this passion I'm busy. So busy that I have to find homes for all of these creations and ideas. That's why YOU are very important to me.

I work from my home in Virginia Beach, VA. somewhere near the water's edge...in a very green garden which is home to lots of my favorite trees, flowers and wildlife. Most of which I planted 20+ years ago. My normal studio day is shared with Zorro and Alegria (my Spanish Water Dogs). That time is divided between two studios in my home and where ever I happen to be sitting at the moment. If you needle at all you totally understand that.

My blog (The Nest) is about me primarily. I like to share my beginnings into this needle land often giving free patterns and lessons I have learned spanning the decades I've been doing this. Let me know if you like any of the stories please and please share too.