Create your own!! Custom made full finger gloves. 100% stretch wool. Several colors to choose from. Request yours!

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This is for a CUSTOM pair of gloves. Please understand that I finish the cuffs. I do not have the fabric to finish them in the exact material and color of the glove part - read on please:

The hand and fingers are made of 100% stretch wool. These are NEW fabrics. They are made in a glove factory per my specs so they are professionally done. I don't own the laser cutters and specific equipment to make this portion of the gloves. They are designed by me.

YOU get to decide on how you want them finished. Send me a text with the colors, fabrics - your wishes. I will send you images of what I can do. You decide if you want to proceed.

When you order expect an email from me first with the following:

1. Size: 1. small to average? or 2. average to large?
2. Allergies to fibers?
3. Do you want the cuffs to have contrast fabrics or colors desired? Do you want these fabrics to be patterened or plain? - as much about the details of the fabrics as possible.

The next step is an email from me with image/s of the fabrics I have on hand for you to approve of or not. It's a work together project so you get what you want in a custom piece.

It typically takes about a week from start to finish but that depends on the studio work.

I have been selling these at fine craft shows and everyone loves them.

Want a pair of warm full finger gloves that are unique then give these a try. If you aren't happy you can return them.

Free Shipping mainland USA.

If you are looking for fingerless gloves please check my shop section on those.