Samuel Coraux Saturn Necklace

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Samuel Coreaux Saturn Necklace.

Short Necklace with Multi Tube fastening with magnets 


Parisian designer Samuel Coraux is unlike any other in his trade. His passion for art and architecture translate seamlessly into his unconventional, yet brilliant pieces of colorful and comfortable jewelry. His work is a combination of the contemporary as well as the traditional to deliver elegance and charisma in one. This designer lives to push the limit, as each new collection of his surpasses the last and inspires the following.

Samuel Coraux lived in Japan, where he studied the principles of material, color and movement, which then led to the eccentric collections that he displays today. European modernity meets strong contemporary ideas in Coraux’s studio, located at the heart of Paris.

As a man, Coraux is the living definition of vitality and dynamism. To those who do not know him, his creations provide a window into both this humor and his energy. But then again, to those that do know him, Coraux is a veritable explosion of color and life, whose studio matches that persona. Behind his wire glasses are eyes that see the world just a bit differently. He sees it with just a bit more shape.