Vegan cotton fake fur hand-knit finger free less gloves mitts. Texting gloves, arm warmers, festival gloves, rave or dance arm warmers

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Long hair luxurious faux (that's fake) fur topped arm warmers for a great mood or fun time. Ravers, festivals, parties or just fun dress! They are warm too!

These are made like my other items: FREE FORM! ~ what's that mean? I DON'T USE FORMAL PATTERNS. For any of my work - really. Yes, they are totally one-ofs! (a very cliche thing to say on a handmade website so forgive me please).

The top of the hands are long hair fur that is white-off white and specked with gray splotches.
Palms of the gloves are cotton in a soft pink with a pale pink pattern. That pattern is not discernible so I'll call it geometric.
The arms are hand knit soft acrylic in a wonderful neon pink hemmed at the top in a vintage lurex I have had from yarn shop 20+ years ago. That silver yarn is soft NOT scratchy and it's crochet on. The pink neon has small crochet cotton flowers hand stitched on ~ you can see those in the pictures.

The top of the fingertips is wrapped in a hologram new fabric - white but it actually reflects lots of colors to silver.

These will fit an average hand teen thru adult. There is stretch in them as they are knit.

Measurements flat:

Fingertips to hem of arms: 14.25"
Fingertips to thumb opening: 2"

If you have a question ask away!

thanks for looking too!