Winter hats-purple-cloche hat-beanie hats

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This winter hat features a combination of new and old fabrics and is effortless warmth to wear!

This hat is in a run of hats that are a combination of new fabrics. When I make these hats I have no pattern and simply take the fabrics to the machine and begin sewing. This means that no two hats are ever the same. Some may have more brim than others or none. Some may be deeper than others and definitely sizing is totally across the board. There is no correct front or back on these either which means multiple looks can be had from one hat.

I have sold many many of these this past season to men and women, teens and elderly. They have been extremely well received. This hat is UNISEX. It is also all vegan or hypo-allergeninc.

The hat featured in this listing is a top hat piece. The black fabric is a cotton/ acrylic knit. Very soft, warm and cozy. This purple fabric is a poly blend. There is some stretch in this hat as the fabric is a knit.

This hat will fit an smaller head from 21" to 23". Measures about 23" inside hat circumference.

Exchanges or returns are always easy. If you aren't happy please contact me so that we can solve that.

Free shipping USA mainland.