Whoot. Black Hipster crossbody handknit, stitched fake faux fur handbag. Shoulder bag.


This blacks handbags for women features a multi color and is the most unique accessory in your wardrobe!

Sometimes a project just comes together nicely! Although it wasn't planned as I started working on this one a face began to appear. When it was finished an OWL! And winking too!
The face starts off as a hand knit intarsia piece. Intarsia is when each color in knitting is held individually on spools. As a different color is knit the previous and new color are wrapped to form a bond. This way there are no straddled yarns in the back of the work. After the hand knit piece is finished I add embroidery details. This owl face is actually a small pocket.
The fake fur is a limited special piece I found some years ago. Very soft and plush. I adore the crazy white bits that stand off from it. They look like feathers to me.
The strap is made from some of the same fibers I used in the face reinforced to a rope-ish quality by an embroidery technique I created. There are chains each side to hold the strap which can be worn as a shoulder bag or lengthened to a cross body handbag.
The color of this handbag is oh so easy to wear and use primarily black.
It fastens shut by a snap hardware piece.
Can you tell I really like this bag?
Did you know recently a story aired on a morning show stating that fake fur handbags are in this fall?
I hope you enjoy looking or if you are lucky owning this one!

Measures 7" by 8" overall.The strap is 17" from top of bag to shoulder and will go out to 28" for the cross body or hipster bag look.