Black n red n multi color Hand Felt and Hand Knit winter scarf. Texture and fun! Free Shipping USA


A one-of hand felt and knit winter scarf. The felt is a combination of wet and nuno felt. The nuno felt is over a sold piece of fabric. Basically nuno makes a crinkly fabric - more texture. When it comes to materials I don’t discard anything. All of the cuttings, snips of yarn and threads are recycled into other things. :). In this instance - felt! There is soft merino wool in the felt. Colors are black, red, black and some other subtle surprises.

There are various novelty trims in this scarf as well. One is a Pom Pom trim and others are yarn trims.

Each of these pieces are one-of as I never know how they will turn out or what will be used. At the opposite end of this scarf is hand knitting. This yarn is a super soft cotton/acrylic in denim blue. The knitting incorporates ruffles. There is a hole in the knitted end to allow some of the fabrics to be pulled thru it transforming the piece into an infinity type scarf. Just another way of wearing it.

1 size fits all.
Approximately 42” long and about 11" wide.

I have a hat and gloves that match this scarf available in other listings. Pictured here.

Suggest dry cleaning.

Free Shipping mainland USA.