Blue hand-felt lined winter warm blue hat with hand-knit brim. Free Ship USA.

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This hat incorporates several techniques onto organic knit hemp fabric. The first is hand felt. There are lots of intricate details in the felt. I don’t discard any of my fibers in the shop. Nothing! I use bits of yarns, cuttings, threads - all of it. No waste! :) This felt is over a solid fabric and it is nuno felted which means the look is crinkled = just more texture is what this means. I love texture and subtle colors. This hat is primarily blue with black, pink and purples. Could have a few surprises in the there too. :0

The inside of the hat is fully lined in a soft acrylic warm fleecy-type knit fabric. It should protect the head from any wool in the felt. The hand-knit brim is a cotton/acrylic yarn. There are popcorns in there too.

Evey one of these hats are unique as I cannot control the dyes.

Wear this hat slouchy or roll the hem and bring the knit top forward or to the side for a tam look.

I have a scarf and some gloves that match this hat available in other listings. Pictured here as well.

The hat will accomodate many sixes heads as it will stretch. If you like your hat with a little snug roll it in the back or side as seen in one of the pictures. The inside of this hat is warm and soft as the hemp fabric is thick and brushed.

Suggest this piece be dry cleaned.

Shipping is free in USA mainland.