Deep navy blue full finger wool gloves with soft chenille cuffs. Toasty winter gloves stretch to fit. Free Shipping


The finger part of these gloves are stretch 100% wool which is new material. The color is a deep navy. I design the gloves and have them manufactured at a glove factory. To make these myself would require laser cutters and special equipment. They are high quality firsts. I finsh the gloves my self. The cuffs of the gloves are made from recylcled sweater bits. A beautiful thick sofy chenille that has small bits of color in it. The wrist band is an acrylic blue. All knits.

I have been selling these at fine craft shows and everyone loves them.

Want a pair of warm full finger gloves that are unique then give these a try. If you aren't happy you can return them.

I can also make gloves in other colors. Please ask.

If you are looking for fingerless gloves please check my shop section on those.

Will fit an average adult hand to large. These are stretch knit.

Free Shipping USA Mainland.