Headcovering for women multi color chemo hat patient hat-doo rag head wrap recycled upcycled scrub cancer hat head wrap hairloss


Versatile head scarf for chemo patients, gardeners, shield under biker helmets, scrubs or a doo rag.

Each of the scarves are made by hand from re-purposed materials. I'm extremely particular about the quality of the pieces I'll use which means these are primarily all cotton. Since they are from recycled fabrics they are pre-washed and very soft. Since they are handmade each will be different from another. The pattern is one that I created. My Mother was diagnosed with cancer in April of 2015. Her hats became an essential piece of her from the necessity to stay warm and the desire to look nice. She would ask me daily for a new one. I had plenty of opportunities to re-create the pattern I work from. She especially liked mine as they were different, one-ofs and s-o-f-t.

There are many ways the scarf can be worn. Look thru more of the listings I have on Etsy to see all the ways to wear them. Instructions for wearing them will be available either by link to a document or attached with each sale.

The scarves are ready to be worn. There is a specific opening for the scarf to pass over the face and elastic in the back. They are simple to put on.

This listing is for a blue patterned piece. There is an embroidered butterfly on this one in the back of one side. This particular scarf runs smaller. Since they are cotton knits the fabric will stretch as well as the elastic. The cluster photo is a sample of how the wraps can be worn.

This scarf will fit a 17" - 19" head.