Linda Coat -SOLD

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Custom made coat for Linda Gr. This was Paul's bomber jacket (Harris Tweed) that I dismantled and remade. I removed the ribbed hem and sleeves. Added back the missing length from the ribbed hem matching as many of the tweeds as possible. Opened the coat at the sides and center back to create a swing for the skirt. Once the mohair knits were inserted at the sides and back I added to the existing lining to cover the mohair pieces and the added tweed fabric. Inserted shoulder pads and a hand sewn drawstring cord at the waist for the option to cinch the coat. 

The skirt is designed and some of the tweed is added to the hem. The skirt is  attached to tweed base coat.

Repaired 12 pin (moth) holes in the harris tweed fabric and the pocket on one side that was pulling away. Replaced broken collar button. 

Mohair, wool, acrylic, cotton. 

Dry clean only. 

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