Pink birch bark Handbag purse or wall hanger with fiber accents. Shoulder or cross body.

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This multi color handbags for women features a multi color and is the most unique accessory in your wardrobe!

Birch bark and fiber handbag or decorative container.
Birch bark is said to have healing properties. I love the mixture of bark with fiber. I build the base structure out of materials that shoes are constructed from. This bag is very hard and solid. The bark is cemented to the base. This cement is what shoes are glued with and is super strong!
Once the bark is in glued down I hand paint the bark, then seal it with a heavy lacquer.

Next I make the side fabric from layers of cotton fabric that have fibers embedded between. These are stitched, slashed and agitated in water to bring out a worn affect.

The strap is extremely durable and made of various fibers that I embroider for support.

Once all of that is done the bag gets adorned.

The inside is fully cotton lined.

The closure of the bag is embroidered fiber and fits to the bag via magnetic buttons each side. This way either side can be opened or the entire piece can be lifted out. Then the bag can be hung and used as a container. (please don't put anything wet in there!)

The strap is setup to go from a shoulder bag to a hip bag by sliding from double to single via the cool metal bits.

Bag: 6.5" X 8.25" and it is 9.25" with the closure piece attached.
Strap:18.5" - 35".

Materials: bark, cotton, rayon, wool, metal, magnet.