a Shroom-brim hat with fingerless wrist warmer gloves set. Reg $87 SALE $65 for the set!


These hats and gloves are S-o-o-o SOFT and warm!!! There is no front or back to the hat. They cover the ears. The fleece looking fabric is a brushed knit. Completely hypo-allergenic which means no wool = no allergies.

The pattern for these live in my head. Much like a potter throws on a wheel to make a pot I do something similar to produce these hats. I basically take a tube to the sewing machine and start to create. So no two hats are alike - ever.

If there is a color seg-way you would like try me. I may be able to accommodate a custom order.

The hat sells for $65 and the fingers-free wrist warmers for $22. You can do the math at $65 for the set.