Winter Fully Lined Warm Stretch Pink Wool with animal print cuffsl Gloves. Free Shipping


Stretch LINED pink knit wool winter gloves with animal print cuffs. I designed and had the finger portion of these manufactured by a glove factory. I don’t own laser cutters and the ability to make the precise cuts needed for gloves like this.
The outer shell is 100% stretch wool and the inner shell is an acrylic minky fleece. These are so cozy, soft and warm. The cuffs are a fun animal print from a recycled sweater lined in a brushed acrylic fleece. Toasty and soft.

Each pair of the gloves I make are unique to their materials and finishing. These are a stretch knit which means they will stretch 4 ways to fit a multitude of hand sizes. The middle finger measures @3” from the tip to the base of the seam between the middle and index (pointer) finger.

These are all wool. Will fit an average hand.

If you are needing a different color - ask - I may be able to accommodate.

Wash delicate cold and lay flat to dry or dry clean.

Free Shipping USA mainland.