Pink and black with lace and velvet NO WOOL winter gloves. Free Shipping

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Fabulous velvet fingers are made in a glove factory per my specifications. I do not own the laser cutters and other specialized equipment needed to manufacture the finger parts of gloves. In order to keep the prices affordable I out source this part of the gloves. The velvet fabric is a stretch and is new.

I finish them. This pair is all new fabrics. There is NO WOOL in them. The cuffs have a velvet floral under the black lace. The floral is no very visible but adds splashes of color. The ends of the cuffs are lace only for 1.5". Behind the lace cuff is a brushed acrylic knit for added warmth.

The seam from the base to the tip of the middle finger is @ 3".
These will fit a variety of hand sizes. From small to average. Since they are knit they will stretch.

I’ve been making upcycled sweater knits for over a decade selling them via craft shows.

Free shipping mainland USA.

Please message for a custom pair.