The point! Vegan re-purposed whimsical hat. Versatile. Free shipping mainland USA.

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I love to experiment. This hat falls into that category. It was serged and sewn. When I make these hats I cannot control how they will turn out which means they are a true one-of-a-kind. This hat is made from several different knits which are all synthetic. Some of the fabrics are recycled from sweaters. The colors are taupe, black, blue.
There are many looks that can be had with this hat. The top can be smooshed down so there isn't a point. The brim can be rolled several times (or not) to achieve loads of angles to the face. You can stuff the hat in a bag and not hurt it either.

Measures 21" inside and will stretch to 23". From the base to the point is 11".

Yes. It can be exchanged or returned if it doesn't work out. Just let me know immediately, send it back within 5 days in the same new condition it was sent in.