Repurposed Angora Mohair pullover cropped sweater in black, white and pinks. One size

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I like making these sweaters. Each are one of. I don’t use a pattern. I simply let the materials I have on hand tell me how big and what direction to go.

There is always a very sweet spot for me when it comes to angora especailly 100%. It's soft, luxurious and warm. Soemtimes too warm and then hot! Unwearable. The beginnigs of this piece was just that. A long sleeve turtleneck 100% angora long sweater. Argh - who can wear such a thing? After cleaning, cutting and inspecting it he only thing to do was crop it into what started as a pullover vest. But then an adorable soft pink mohair lace was begging to join in. Viola! the sleeves and part of the collar.

The hem is comprised of 3 seperate new fabrics. The same net fabric in the hem is also in the collar.

Colors are true black, off white and pinks to blush.

Suggest dry cleaning.

Will fit an XS,S or M to large. Depends how you like your tops to fit. Please check the measurements below.

Measured flat:
Hem 42” above the flounce which is heavily gathered
Centerback to hem @21.5”
Underarm to underarm 40”
Underarm to wrist hem 21”
Shoulder to shoulder across back 16.5”