Whimsical black with white and gray hand knit and felt flower hat.

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1. Make a hand felted flower but BIG! with a hand beaded center.
2. Knit a piece to go around the head.
3. Pick up the stitches around the band and knit a fun brim.
4. Pick up stitches inside the band and knit in ribbing for a few inches.
5. Sew it all together.

This is how it came to be. Super fun to wear. The ribbing can be used around the head or it can rest on top of the head. Around the head will make the hat very secure.

The majority of the hat is vegan. The flower has some wool in it.

I have sold many of these. This is the last one. I usually sell these for $125.00.

Returns are easy. Just let me know and do so within 7 days of receiving the piece.